What clients say about me!!

After two consultations:

“Everything is going really well.  I’ve kept up with the changes you suggested and am now eating a much healthier diet with smaller portions.  I’ve noticed that I rarely feel ravenous and also never eat until I feel super full anymore.  I have lost about 3 kilos and my clothes are starting to feel looser.  Several people have commented that I look better!  I would like to lose an extra 2 kilos but I’m already feeling much better about myself and my body image.  Another interesting change is that I’ve been having less problems with my stomach.  I used to often get cramps and stomach upsets but didn’t know why.  Since I’ve changed my diet my stomach has been feeling 100 times better and I haven’t had these problems at all…. I will stay in touch with you!”  Anna R (3000)

Post Program:

3 weeks after program – F.S. (3122) 

“Having felt overweight and definitely unhappy with this situation I was initially nervous of actually doing anything about it. Thankfully Caroline made me feel welcomed and explained the process in detail. Initially I was a little anxious however I have to say the sessions were really enjoyable and incredibly helpful. It has only been a few weeks since our first session and I feel like I have completely changed the way I think about food. My thoughts so far? I can’t believe how easy it has been. I have already lost 5 kilos and I am feeling great….This is not a quick fix but is sure an easy one!”

Jan 2013:  I used to eat chocolate, lollies or ice cream everyday, and after meeting Caroline and participating in her course, now using the methods that she taught me, not only have I not touched chocolate, ice cream or lollies since, but I have no desire to. It’s almost as if will power doesn’t even come into play….I just don’t want to eat them anymore!! I have changed the way I think about food and have lost 24kilos in the process! I could not recommend Caroline more highly and know that not only will I be a healthier person, but a much happier person as well.  D.W. (3127)
“Since seeing you I have been a lot more settled within myself…………. I’m going really well with the weight.  I’m down to 72 kgs, would have ideally liked to have been 70kgs by now BUT feel more than confident that by Christmas I will have achieved my goal that was set with you.  I plateaued for about 2 weeks with the weight, stayed exactly the same weight and instead of going into melt down I just figured oh well this is the time when I need to keep going it will come off.  I’ve lost 27 cms off my waist (which clearly means I’m eating better) and of coarse all over weight.  I feel good….  The trick in all this has been giving myself a break and realising that its all achievable.    But thank you.. thank you ..thank you for posting that little video with Megan and allowing everyone in on the secret it really is changing my world.” R.W.(3930)
        “I feel I am going really well. When I went to the Specialist the day after I got back from OS, with trepidation, I was presently surprised to learn that I had lost eight and a half kgs since April. Whilst OS I stuck to eating fruit and yoghurt until lunch (resisted the croissants!! in Paris) and maybe that stood me in good stead. We also, of course, walked a lot.
Following your advice, I do not get on any scales…. I have been mainly sticking to your dinner plate suggestion and still have fruit and yoghurt for brekky. Lunch varies depending on whether I am home or out, but mostly salads and healthy sandwiches. I do not eat after dinner at all. Lots of water and a little bit of alcohol. I exercise every morning – walking.
 I still really feel that I have a good mind set – when I want to stray – I truly plant the picture of how I would like to be in 12-18 months time, and think through what is making me eat, drink or whatever. So it is still working. I am still amazed which is a good thing. Have told the story of that first week to so many people”  M.S (3104)

And 12 months on

Dear Caroline

I have been on the AYM journey for 12 months. The complete transformation of my life has been astounding. Not only have I lost 22kgs, my life is so much better in so many different ways.

I feel so much more in control of my emotions, I feel empowered, energised, and so very optimistic for the future.

Caroline, you have guided me and given me the skills to achieve this, I can’t thank you enough. You have added years to my life and life to my years……….

Warm regards JP (3186)

“Physically and in terms of weight loss: At last weigh I had lost 13 kg in total… It was still 4-5kg off my grand total but I was still in a happy place. Over summer I continued my fitness and achieved a big personal goal of the Pier to pub swim and Mountain 2 surf run “double”. At 1.2km and 8km respectively over two days it was something I thought I could never achieve and a proud achievement.
So to answer your question – one year on:
You and the program changed my life. I am grateful for the physical and psychological outcomes from the AYM program. Although a few kgs off goal I feel it was a very successful venture. I am grateful of your time and professionalism.” J.M (3189)
“One year on I am still below 70kg, but was around 68kg at some point. I think that’s still 4kg below what I was when I first saw you.
Your program helped me a lot with many things. Things that stressed me have slipped away to be replaced by other, but smaller, things. I would say that I feel a lot easier within myself, and understanding my behaviour. ……I say ‘Great’ when people ask me how I am.
My lifestyle is healthier (mostly), and the dog is healthier for her longer daily walk! I have more confidence – I have started doing private work on biographies as well as continuing my volunteer work, and feel happier for the increase in time I devote to this …I seem to work better to deadlines!
My successes are ‘letting go of clutter’ more. …I use a smaller plate for smaller portions, and a small latte glass for my latte. Processed foods are minimal and veggies more. I have to admit to dropping the fruit for breakfast every morning,  but with this reminder I will go  back to that as it did make a difference to my weight, and I did enjoy it…”  K.N (3186)