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Fibre Fills… So How Much Fibre?

If your daily diet is full of processed food purchased from the middle of the supermarket – you know aisle 2 through to 10 – then it probably lacking in fibre. Yes there will be a product or 2 with added fibre like cereal, but they’re more than likely heavily processed.

Fibre is an extremely important component of everyone’s diet. Primarily it promotes the optimal health and functioning of the gut, which of course we all want healthy guts!  It’s other big role is that it is critical to fat loss. Why ? Firstly, because fibre does not have many calories, and you can fill up on fibre without having an overload of energy dense (read high calorie) food. Secondly fibre fills you up and is absorbed slower that other foods, so keeps you fuller for longer and therefore not eating more food!

You should be aiming for 20-30gm of fibre in your diet everyday. I strongly believe that if you are empowered with a little bit of knowledge then you have no excuses not to make the right choices. So here is a little lesson in fibre!

There are two types of fibre.

1)    Soluble. One of the major roles of soluble fibre is to lower blood cholesterol and also helps with constipation. Good sources are fruits, vegetables, oats, bran, barley, seed husks, flaxseed, psyllium, dried beans, lentils, peas  and fermented soy products.

2)    Insoluble fibre adds bulk to faeces and prevents constipation and associated problems.  Good sources include wheat bran, corn bran, rice bran, skins of fruits and vegetables.

Foods to include in a high fibre diet:-

·         Vegetables: highest fibre are – broccoli, brussel sprouts, corn, onion, parsnip, peas, red cabbage, silver beet, spinach, swede, turnip, broad beans, haricot beans, kidney beans, legumes etc. NOTE: ALL VEGGIES ARE FABULOUS!

·         Fruit: highest fibre source – figs, pears, passion fruit, berries and all dried fruits. NOTE: ALL FRUITS ARE WONDERFUL!!

·         Whole grains, grain and rye breads and cereals

·        Drink plenty of water with high fibre foods, increase one ..then increase the other!

A great way of doing extra fibre is the 2/5 rule. 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables (colourful) each day!!

Be Healthy & Happy!


Monday’s Musings: Dodgy Diet Foods!

The article below has just been released in Australian Food News. Food manufactures (OK most..) are on a never ending journey to put “food like products” on our supermarket shelves that are meant to be a healthier option! Consumers expect that will be the case, often with no questions asked.  Not so….

CHOICE says “dodgy” diet foods may be contributing to weight gain

  • July 22, 2013 . 
  • Sophie Langley

Consumer group CHOICE has conducted a review of ‘diet’ foods, which it says shows that “hundreds of products on our supermarket shelves” that claim to help consumers lose weight might actually be higher in kilojoules than the regular products.

According to CHOICE, Australian consumers spent $827 million on weight loss products in 2012.

“Food companies attract would-be dieters with terms such as ‘guilt-free’, ‘lean’, ‘balanced’, ‘healthy’, ‘less’ and ‘stay in shape’, but unfortunately this marketing jargon is meaningless if you are trying to count kilojoules,” said Tom Godfrey, Head of Media at CHOICE.

CHOICE said it compared a range of diet products including cottage cheese, fries, chips, ice cream, breakfast cereal and rice cakes. The consumer group said another concern was the “premium price” that often came with ‘diet’ foods.

“The first thing you notice when you look at diet products is that many tend to be highly processed, salty, sugary treat foods with little nutritional value,” Mr Godfrey said. “From jams and biscuits to salad dressings, they’re foods you’d assume a dieter should avoid, even with reduced kilojoules,” he said.

“With 80 per cent of weight-loss products purchased by women, they should be aware that ‘simply less’ could well mean more kilojoules, so it’s vital that if you want to watch your weight you need to read the nutritional panel on the pack,” Mr Godfrey said.

And the moral of the story is……. buy, grow, eat, real food. Food with one ingredient.. apples, almonds, avocado, sweet potatoe, yoghurt, grass fed beef, free range chicken etc etc etc. You know the drill……

Market in Paris!  (shot mine!!)

Market in Paris! (shot mine!)

Be Healthy & Happy!


Tuna – are you eating the fish that John West rejects?

Tuna is, as most of you know, one of the good guys when it comes to healthy foods, and one of my favourite foods! Even though it does not have as many omega−3 fats as sardine or salmon, a serving of tuna is a great source of high quality protein, niacin, B6, B12, selenium and does provide some healthy omega – 3’s.

You may wonder if all of those vitamins and minerals still give the same nutritional punch when your tuna comes in a can. As expected in the world of nutrition, there is not a simple answer…it depends on a number of factors – how the tuna is caught, frozen or not, how it is cooked, whether it comes in oil or water and, what additives and flavourings have been included in the mix.

Something you may have not considered is how your tuna is fished. Unsustainable and destructive fishing methods are unfortunately used by many of the big fishing companies. Fortunately for the consumer, companies such as Greenpeace, our very own ocean police, are constantly applying pressure on these companies and the methods they use. Just to push the point home they have  released the 2012 Canned Tuna Ranking – I urge you to click on the link and see how your favourite canned tuna ranks, and perhaps you just may like to consider a change….I am guessing John West might be the one you now reject!

Be Healthy & Happy!


Exercising Incidentally – it’s worth the effort!

“Exercise and application produce orders in our affairs, health of body, cheerfulness of mind and these make us precious to our friends”


Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)


One of America’s Founding Fathers got it right along time ago!  And I guess he would be aghast if he could see the state of the nation now – and ours for that matter! Not quite as fit and healthy as we all should and could be.

 Our bodies are designed to move. Our ancestors were on all fours and admittedly over a quite few hundred years, evolved to two feet. We however, in a relatively very short time, seem to be turning the clocks backwards, forgetting about our feet along the way and reverting to the sitting position more now than ever!!

 Think about it.  We wake up in the morning (where we have been horizontal for 8 or so hours) then we may sit on the side of our bed, before we walk a few steps to the bathroom/shower. After dressing etc we walk to the kitchen where we sit down and have breakfast, then many head to the office via sitting in the car and traffic, sitting on the tram, train or bus. We then may have a brief walk to our office where we sit for the next few hours, till lunch, where again it may involve a quick walk but again sit down have lunch, back to the office more sitting, commute home sitting again, Yea HOME! Onto the couch watch the news etc, sit for dinner, back to the couch, till eventually off to bed where we resume the horizontal position for another eight hours or so!!

 OK OK I can hear your protests that this is not what you do! However, it is what a lot of people do everyday. And I don’t think our bodies particularly love us for it. So what to do? SIMPLE MOVE MORE!!  Exercise and movement should be seen as an opportunity not a chore. Incidental exercise (the exercise you do when you don’t …do exercise) can play an enormous role in your overall fitness and general well being. Wherever, whenever you can.


At the office:

  •            Get off the tram, bus, train, one preferably two stops earlier and walk the remainder.


  •         Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. In some office buildings some of the stairwell doors are locked but not all – find out which one/s are open and set a challenge to walk up to that level and then catch the lift for the remainder!


  •         Instead of sending a quick email to a colleague in your office – get up, walk and deliver it in person.


  •          Where there are opportunities to stand rather than sit – do so!


 At home!


  •          Get the kids more organised in the morning and walk to school rather than sit in that infuriating traffic.


  •          Leave the remote on top off the TV and get up and get it each time you need it!


  •          Gardening and more gardening


  •         Park at the far end of the shopping car park, carrying those shopping bags a little further will do wonders for your tuckshop arms!


  •          Walk the dog more – how can you resist those eyes looking longingly at you!


  •         House work – not a whole lot of pleasure (for me anyway) but a whole lot of gain!


  •          Go for a stroll after dinner – with your partner, the kids??


  •        Window shop – it so much cheaper!


  •         Meet a girl friend for coffee after you both have done a walk


  •         Dance more (seriously who is going to see you in the confines of your own home !)


  •          Walk the golf course no carts – they are only for seriously older people or those with a very sore hip!


  •         Park your car a block away from your destination. How much time have you driven around the block to try and get the park right outside where you are going? The time you have wasted not to mention the frustration, could have been avoided if you parked further away.


  •          Don’t you love it when people are on there mobile they stop and talk – walk and talk!


If your aim if to be slim, fit and healthy then exercise needs to be part of your lifestyle. If weight loss is an aim then you need to include “huff and puff” to help you achieve your goals. There are lots of equations we can do to work out how much and how often, so contact me if you need some guidelines. In the meantime……. move!

 Be Happy & Healthy !