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A Daily Ritual!

I had a follow up consult with one of my clients this week who has successfully completed the Activate Your Mind program (see About Me! page).  I am thrilled to report she is feeling much better about herself and has moved her weight in the direction she wants it to go – which is south!  We know this because despite my reassurance to trust how she feels in her clothes as an indicator for what is happening with her body – she still jumped on the scales!  She explained she just had to do it one more time – before she put them out of sight… but I expect not out of mind!!

I advise my clients not to be perpetual scale jumpers! What you may ask is a scale jumper? Well scale jumpers come in all shapes and sizes. Let me describe a few of them – I suspect you just might know one of them – intimately!!



…jumps on their scales every morning, usually around the same time. First they have their obligatory loo stop, and then standing naked (because my god you don’t want to have your PJ’s on – they could add an extra 346 gms!)  they look expectantly, with eyes half closed down at the numbers……..

THE Tentative AM JUMPER!

…does exactly the same as the AM Jumper but once they step off their scales, the Tentative AM Jumper is not quite sure if what they saw was absolutely correct, so they wait till the dial rests again at zero, then they hop on again……….mmmmmm…………note their weight, hop off again and just to be really sure what they saw is what they saw ……they hop on one last time.


… will not only jump on the scales in the morning as per their friends above, but they are more than likely to jump on the scales one more time, either later in the day or before bed. The loo stop is again obligatory, and the purpose of this particular behaviour is to witness how their body weight has fluctuated throughout the day!



I am happy to fess up and say I have participated in all three of the behaviour rituals described above at various stage of my life – how do you think I know them so well?  But not any more!  It is just not worth the angst. I am not saying abandon the scales forever – even I can’t do that – but what I am saying is forgo the daily ritual. Don’t be a perpetual scale jumper.

How you feel and how your body moves in your favourite pair of jeans or jacket is a far better indicator than those numbers that lie shamelessly at your toes. If those numbers do not give you the result you are hoping for they can send your mind in a downward spiral. And more often than not, set your mood for the day. In some cases even predetermine your eating patterns for the day ahead. NOT a great way to start your day!

Females should also remember that our beloved hormones can wreak havoc with those numbers sending them up when they should be coming down – damn hormones they’re very infuriating!

So what do I suggest? If you are a daily scale jumper you need to wean yourself off! If you can, go cold turkey. Start on a weekly basis – ideally same day, same time to give you a consistent reading. If you can manage that change without too many withdrawal symptoms move it out to a fortnightly basis and when feeling stronger again, try monthly!

Then when you finally realise that in the grand scheme of things these numbers are actually not that important in determining who you are and how you feel  – throw them out!!


Be Healthy & Happy!