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The French Paradox – Part Deux!!

Bonjour!!!  Alas I am back from  a wonderful three weeks away, mostly en France with three nights in London and two nights in a very  hot and sultry Singapore! The entire trip was fabulous and every minute of everyday was full of new sights, sounds and smells!!

I still absolutely love Paris  and all things French and the trip has only strengthened my resolve to master the french language – hopefully sooner rather than later! And in doing so provides me with an opportunity to go back – to study of course – in the not too distant future!!

Of course I kept my promise that while in France I would  undertake to eat like the French, drink like the French (mmmm…maybe a little more than they do) and live like the French for 2 weeks. Let me tempt your taste buds with some of  the delicious meals that I consumed all in the name of research of course!

Petite dejeuners/ Breakfasts

♥    Cafe creme avec du baguette et de la confiture de fraises – yummy coffee with a great big baguette and strawberry jam with fresh salty butter!!

♥    Cafe creme avec pattiseries raison – shaped in a snail , full of custard and raisins


♥   Baguettes after baguettes, after baguettes avec le jambon or terrine de lapin or fromage

Le Repas/ Dinners!

♥    Avocado mousse laden with fresh prawns, followed by steak entrecote with potato gallette and broadbeans.

♥   Simmering pot of salmon and lots of other goodies followed by delicious cheeses x 3

♥   White asparagus followed by the duck with foie gras and rhubrb compote

♥   Soupe d’onion followed by cassoulet et creme brulee

♥   Crab ravioli salad followed by seared crusted tuna et french beans

♥   Herb pancake with tabouli followed by fillet steak with taragaon sauce and pomme frites!!


And that was only my fist six days – another 8 followed!!! So my observations are –

1) the French continue to eat well – but so do we – and the food the world over has become a big melting pot of delicious flavours there for the taking!

2) The French – Parisiennes in particular – do move more than we do. This I believe is the crucial point of difference. They walk, ride bikes or catch the train encountering  many stairs and long interlinking passageways everywhere, every day, many times a day. (And they have a fabulous transport system that allows them do this).

3)  The French love their wine but will linger over one glass for an entire meal – I am not so good at that!!

Mmmmm I am glad I am writing this after my lunch otherwise I think I would not be able to finish this blog!!!


Be Healthy & Happy!


My local Fromagerie in th Marais

This was my local fromagerie in the Marais!!