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The Big Splurge – Does It Spell Disaster?

I have just returned from eight fun filled days in Noosa (Queensland). A holiday with the three boys, hubby (part time) and extended family! Constant chaos… many laughs… warm weather  – most  of the time… beach…lots of yummy food and many a wine!

Alas no exercise for me as I did my back four days before I left. So my morning walk into the National Park  to “Hell’s Gate” and back was off the holiday schedule! I was devastated but sometimes I wonder if your body goes into shutdown (ie bad back) on holidays to ensure you rest …??

So it was some trepidation that I hopped on the scales on my return (I couldn’t help myself!!). One kilo had settled somewhere on my body that was not there before! But I am not fussed as I know that it will not hang around for long..Let me explain why.

If you stray off you healthy eating path – have a good splurge for whatever the occasion- holiday, parties, Christmas, Passover, New Year etc etc – Do not panic it does not spell disaster. Like me, you may put on a kilo or two but rest assured it will not be laid down as fat. In order for me to gain one kilo of fat I would have had to consume an extra 7,000 calories (or  29,300kjs) over the course of the 8 days. So that means I would have had to consume an extra 1,000 calories a day which is equal to…….

Ó  4 mars bars

Ó  11  (120ml) glasses of wine

Ó  17 pieces of multi grain bread

Ó  2 Big Macs

Ó  14 pears

I did not do that!! My breakfast and lunch were much the same as usual, there was a little more snacking than usual complimented with a few wines and lovely dinners to match… maybe an extra cafe to top it off!

SO where does the weight come form – if it is not fat what is it? It is water – believe it or not!! If you drink or eat more than your body’s immediate needs, some of that excess is converted to glucose and then stored as glycogen. The glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles and remains there as a usable energy source until your next meal. Glycogen attracts water as part of its storage process – up to three times the amount – so if you store .5 kilo in glycogen you will weigh in 2 kilos heavier due the excess water storage. You will also be retaining excess water due to the type of party foods you have probably been eating – salty chips, restaurant meals etc . Hence your holiday/splurge weight gain.

So don’t you think it is  wonderful to now  understand how those kilos you have steadily been losing so easily jump back on after what was just one tiny little  holiday splurge??   Even better, how easy it is for them to disappear over the next few days days? By resuming your normal healthy eating patterns; eat mindfully  including fruit and lots of vegetables; eat breakfast daily;  eat only when your hungry and stop when your are “elegantly satisfied” or 80% full  – you know all the things I have told you before – then your weight will return to where it was before and you can continue your journey to be slim, fit and healthy!!




Be Healthy & Happy!


Weightloss with a friend!!

I just thought I would share with you what I have been up to this week! Now I am really out there in cyberspace – pics and all!!  As you can see I have had NO media training (Megan should have shared a few of her secrets!) BUT we had fun and when she returns from OS we will do the program in early September. And for those of you in the know – I now she will do extremely well.!

So have a look at the link and have a giggle! xx

This sounds interesting xxx


http://www.youtube.com/user/je​welchic A NEW thing to lose weight??? Watch this…tell me what you think…anyone want to join me??? Contact Caroline Silk 041…

PS You can learn all about Megan on www.jewelchic.com !
Be Happy & Be Healthy!