The RenewYou Weightloss Program.

A revolutionary new solution to weight loss!

Change your mindset for permanent results!



  • Yo-yo diet?
  • Think about food all the time?
  • Eat when you’re angry, upset, stressed or unhappy?
  • Feel overweight and unhealthy?
  • Have a problem with stopping eating once you’ve started?
  • Experience negative self-talk?
  • Lack confidence and self-esteem?
  • Feel like you have no willpower?
  • Feel like you sabotage yourself?
  • Struggle to get motivated to exercise?
  • Feel like you’ll never be the weight you want to be?

Well, you are not alone and it probably isn’t your fault!!

FINALLY, there is a revolutionary, NEW approach to Weight Loss, which completely changes your MINDSET so that reaching your goal weight is EASY, ENJOYABLE and PERMANENT

No more Dieting, no more Milkshakes or Supplements and absolutely no Willpower is required.

I will work with you individually to discover, in detail, what emotions, beliefs, values, cravings, and habits you have around food. We will then work together to change your mindset, habits and beliefs so that you think and act differently around food. AS you lose the weight, so too do you lose all those negative associations and mental chatter that took up annoyingly all of your head space! You are then free and focused to get on with the more important part of happily!


Would you like to know more?


 Contact me: and I will call you to make a time for a free personal consultation. I will explain the program in full, how and why it works and discuss your individual needs.

All conversations are of course private and confidential!