Mind Over Matter – Maintaining Momentum (on a Monday!!)

I subscribe to 5 French blogs – all written by American/English/Australian woman who have either married a Frenchman and taken up residence, or, who have been fortunate to buy a little parcel of French countryside and call it home. I am amazed by their commitment to their blogs.  4/5 post three to four times a week, the other (who like me) posts every week to ten days to two weeks….depending! 

I have decided that I need to committ to you and to myself, that I will post a regular Monday post. Mondays are, for those who have practised the art of dieting for many years, the day when they start again. Who recognises this common diet mantra – I will start again tomorrow …it’s Monday?

As dieting is no longer part of our vocabulary, there is no reason to start again just because it is Monday! There is nothing to start because WE are all on the path to be slim, fit and healthy everyday.

So Monday will be the day when I will post on healthy food, healthy mind and healthy bodies! I would also like to post one other time during the week – something short but meaningful!! There I have put that out into cyberspace and now you can hold me accountable for what I do or not do – post wise that is!

While in my phsyio’s waiting room (back is now 90% thank you for asking!) on Friday I read a wonderful piece  (I will need to get back to you on the author as I did not note him/her down!)… these words are worth repeating….and may be a reminder to some…

“Constantly building up unrealistic expectations of your self and others will always lead to disappointment. Instead work to accept each situation the way it is and let go of your attachment to the way it is supposed to be. Having a long list of how things should be in your life will only weigh you down…..

Don’t cling to the past and worry about the future, all the while wishing your life was that little bit different. Be thankful for all that you have rather than wasting energy thinking about all the things you don’t…”

Remember that positive goal image and self talk should be an important two minutes of your day. Allow yourself to be kind to yourself and say “I can do absolutely anything that I put my mind to.”

Focus on the positives and solutions. There is a positive and negative to every situation. Work on finding the positive in all situations. Remember There are no problems …only solutions . And you know the one I love …There is no failure only feedback!

Have a wonderful week!

(une petite ville francaise)  
Be Healthy & Happy !











2 responses to “Mind Over Matter – Maintaining Momentum (on a Monday!!)

  1. I like ‘there is no failure only feedback’ – I’ll have to remember that one. Enjoying your blog. Keep up the writing, it’s good for the soul!